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Solutions for businesses of all sizes
Incorporating Temporary staffing cover, 
Computer, Telephone, Property and General Business needs.

Founded On Technical Excellence
Driven By Over 30 Years Of Experience.
At competitive prices
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The computer and telephone industry is rapidly changing the data and voice solution needs of business as well as home use
encompassing a wide range of products and services.

YGD Holdings provides computer, telephone, data and voice solutions by working with customers to provide working specifications addressing the customers' requirement encompassing important factors such as:

 --- Solution Development
 --- Product (Hardware and Software)
 --- Supply, Installations, Commissioning, Handover
 --- Training
 --- Maintenance
 --- Support for User and Operational
 --- After Sales Continuous Support and Solution Development

Solutions are developed to address the Customers' Local Area Network, Wide Area Network needs integrating Data with Voice where necessary utilising IP technology, where required.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed buying decision, and look forward to working with you.