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About The Company
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The Company

By understanding the problems a customer will encounter in its development and expansion, the company is able to provide business solution and support in all areas of business development for all types of customers, from new start-ups to developing small, expanding medium and ambitious large companys,
Although a relatively new company, it has back ground accumulated and extensively applied in related business spanning over 20 years. Including.

Technical knowledge accumulated from over 10 years in Military and Defence related industries.

Technical expertise in Data and Telephony from 15 years in commercial industries

Management ownership of 3 Companies with turnovers in excess of 1,000,000

Financial backing in excess of 250,000

Management and Ownership

The Managing Director having graduated in Electrical and Electronic engineering, spent in excess of 10 years developing hardware and software application, in a military  environment
He then entered the commercial arena in a number of partnerships setting up internal structures for three different companies, addressing factors such as:

Telesales, Marketing, Sales & Contracts

Stock Control, Purchasing & Sales order processing

Project, Planning, & Implementation

Engineering, Support & Training

Administration, Quality Management Systems to ISO 9000

Accounts, Credit Control, Invoicing & Management Accounts

Business Infrastructures, Data, Telephones,

Our Business Philosophy

It is our mission to provide to our customers, solutions that will meet their technical requirement whilst satisfying any financial or other constraints they may have. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business with the comfort and knowledge that they can have on going support throughout their business development as they expand and diversify.

Frequently it is stated that quality business solutions will be at a premium. However the company keeps it over heads to an absolute minimum. By keeping company overheads low, being self financing, and utilising products and services offered by selected reputable partners, we can maintain a highly efficient operation which is reflected in lower cost to our customers.