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The Company can offer several computer and telecommunications related services which will satisfy the majority of customers' requirement.
The data and telecommunications industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our business. Alternatively you may wish to install your own saving you further costs. We hope to be able to handle all of your needs.
Our Services include the following:
 -- Consultancy
 -- System Design and Configuration
 -- Installation and Commissioning
 -- Maintenance and Support
 -- Training
 -- Development and Expansion

Entry Level System for New Business Startup
Basic Data Telephone Network Diagram
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Entry level system is configured to customer's specific requirement, taking into

consideration existing services available on customer site, allowing further savings.

Wireless operation where structure cabling or building infra structure does not

permit cabled solution, can be provided if preferred.

Alternatively we can provide a fully pre-commission system developed to customers'

specification with full instructions and support for customer own installation.

The basic configuration of an entry level system as an example would be:

 -- DATA

 ----- Server

 ----- Workstations (customer to specify quantity)

 ----- Multifunction colour ink jet printer, fax, copier, scanner

 ----- Internet access (subject to PSTN availability on customer site)

 ----- Maintenance and Support


 ----- Telephone system for connection of up to 8 handset devices and 4 analogue


 ----- Telephone handsets (customer to specify type and quantity)

 ----- ISDN2e capability (subject to PSTN availability on customer site)

 ----- Voicemail

 ----- System Configuration & Programming

 ----- Maintenance and Support


 ----- 5 user Server Licence

 ----- 5 user anti virus Licence

 ----- Application Software.

         (Customer to provide own software and licences, unless ordered separately)

Please contact for no obligation, confidential discussion of your requirement.