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Below are a number of considerations to assist Customers to make informed decisions .

YGD Holdings is able to assist customers to develop their understanding of their requirement, in most cases at no cost to the customer, and address any problems or questions the customer may have whilst trying to decide on how to proceed.

We are aware that there may be occasions when customers may not be able to purchase the desired solution from us, such as corporate purchasing directives. In such circumstances, we are able to develop a solution or examine a specification provided by the customer and advise appropriately. For this we only charge a small amount to cover our costs  in preparation, allowing customers to go else where corporate policy so dictates.

Customer Requirement

Most companies have a need for data and telecommunications. It is important to consider how these are to interact.  Consider the complexity of your requirement and the resource you will need to operate such services, which may distract from your core business.
Consider external services you will need  such as telephone lines, broadband, web hosting, and the associated safe guards such as virus protection,  security, file back up. Such items are frequently forgotten which can add quite a substantial amount on to the original budget.


In most cases the budget can be split into two parts. One off purchase costs and continuous on going running costs.  When these are identified this allows customer to decide how best to finance these costs. I.e. Straight purchase, Lease, simple rental., and thereby developing the most cost effective financial strategy  for the customers' business.

Try and anticipate the longevity of you purchase. Will you be adding  or replacing as your business develops. Both consideration swill have a major bearing on initial strategy in investing in technology.

It is also important for any budget to consider training costs for your staff, particularly if the business has a high turn around of staff. This can be very expensive having to continuous re-train new staff due to the complexity of the Data and telephone network. It may be a more worthwhile cost reducing exercise to keep the systems simple, easy to operate, reduce or keeping all training in-house.

Consider the following as a minimum in any investment

 -- Hardware
 -- Software and the relevant number of licences
 -- Initial Installation Costs including any infrastructure that needs to be in place e.g. Wiring, Mains wiring (equipment needs electricity)
 -- External Suppliers costs (e.g. Telephone lines)
 -- Support contracts including training
 -- On going running costs, including system management, expansion, maintenance.

 -- Your internal resources and associated costs in utilising the equipment against the benefit you receive.

Planning and Installation

When you have decided to proceed with your purchase, you will need to make arrangements to have the equipment delivered and installed. This should tie in with your budgeting schedule above.

 -- Consider how much disruption you may have particularly if you are having wiring  installed, whilst trying to carry on doing business.
 -- Consider any down time to your existing services such as telephones and servers being temporarily taken out of commission.
 -- Consider usage problems when you suddenly have a new solutions which your staff may need time to receive training.


On completion periodically evaluate what impact your purchase has had on your core business.  Is it useful or a liability, and how do you wish to develop further. Most organisations do periodic financial audit, sales audits, your Data and Voice system are probably amongst the most expensive and most use investment any business will make after employees. You need to make sure your business is achieving a real benefit in terms of finance and time.

Customers are free to contact us to discuss any of these points or any other concerns you may have, knowing their only obligation is to the success of your business.